TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta40

A new version was uploaded into our closed beta channel.

We got some feedback about the channel commander icon and agree to make the lamp orange and set by default in compact server tree.

You can now set and remove server side avatars again.

And we added an extended version of the Event viewer. There you can see all/filtered interaction that would be shown in TS3 server chat.

* New detailed server event view
* Add TeamSpeak Server avatar feature
* Channel Commander is shown as different lamp icon by default
* Message sound fixes

___ Notes___

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  • We suggest to place wishes for upcoming releases in existing or new threads instead of the release thread. This one will be closed after some days and the wish or suggestion will be lost.

And that’s the update we’ve been waiting for! Good job! Now, there’s only file share remaining and everything’s nice.


Nice :fire:

Amazing! Glad you heard the suggestion regarding Channel Commander. The community appreciate it! :slight_smile:

A small question, @TS.ChrisR, is there any ETA about the tray functionality? The good and old “Minimize to tray” and “Close to tray”?



If I add an avatar on TeamSpeak 5 the picture gets weirdly cropped and doesnt look nice anymore. Is there an option to disable this? :slight_smile:


You have an example image for us?

Of course! :smiley:
For example the uploaded picture looks like this:

And in teamspeak 5 it will look like this:

Thanks. We see what you mean.
You mean stretched/ compressed and not cropped.

This is an issue we have on our to do list.


Yeah, sorry for the misscommunitycation & thanks for working on it. :slight_smile:

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What you could do as a workaround (*haven’t tested it yet) is to reduce the original image so that it’s max height is 320 pixels already.

The client should not change the size then*


As a reminder.


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