Teamspeak 5 badges are invisible

When I start TeamSpeak 5 sometimes the badges doesn’t show up on the server and in the settings. I don’t know how it appears, but I know that I need to restart TeamSpeak 5 and then the badges are back. I hope someone knows how to fix it or TeamSpeak can code that out maybe

They are not shown when you or the server had no connection to our services.


But how can I connect to TeamSpeak without a connection to the service? I feel like I am dump right now.

I can not see them either, probably because I am behind a proxy Server: HTTP Proxy support

Yeah, that is not the problem on my side, the thing is if he says that I am not connected to the service I don’t know how to fix that. I am connected to the internet, so I should be connected to the service? But I am not sure, it is sad that I need to restart TeamSpeak every second day because of that “”“problem”""