TeamSpeak 5 beta key not recieved

Hello TeamSpeak Community

I registered for the Closed Beta for Teamspeak 5 about 4-6 months ago and was told that i would receive a key to join the beta and download the client.

I have not received the key, and the prompt on the website that lets you give your email address has also been replaced.

I am posting on the forum, because I could not find an email address that I could use to send them an email about this issue.

If an admin or a higher up could respond, that would be nice. (I still respect other replies)



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From what I know, applying for beta 4-6 months ago was sorta possible. Like you could send your email, but being so late means only one thing… You’ll probably not going to get any key right now…

Try getting one from TS social media, as they give them embedded in pictures, but you need to find them and use really, really quickly!

Sorry for disappointing you and if I’m wrong with something, don’t flag this but simply correct me. Thanks!

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try to write an email to support maybe they resend your beta key :slight_smile:

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Private message me your email address that you signed up to the beta with, and I can check it for you.