TeamSpeak 5 Free Server Stopped Working

Hey just wondering if anyone else in the TS5 beta with a free server is having any issues with theirs. The free server I setup has stopped working since yesterday and still isn’t working. Everytime someone tries to connect to it they are unable to and it just says “failed initialization connection”.

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same here, since yesterday i can’t connect to my free server too. idk what’s happening maybe some maintenance

Well my server is still working… it’s up since 110 days. Are you sure that nothing is wrong with your firewall somehow? Otherwise the server node of your free server is offline somehow.

But I see no global problems at the moment.

Please contact the support via ticket.
Make sure you gave enough details about your server and your Account ID (you find it in the Options under Account on the bottom. It’s blurred as long you do not hover above it)

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I am also having problems connecting to the Free server in the Teamspeak 5 beta program.
I even disabled all my security software, and still no luck connecting to it. All other servers work fine.

I got a response back from support. It seems that there is damaged hardware and they are working on fixing it.

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