TeamSpeak Badge List (outdated)



The new badge just so you all know will be active throughout pride month, so it will expire at the end of June 2021.




Code is: PrideBadge

Have Fun. :slight_smile:


Just a suggestion, could someone make the first post of this thread a Wiki so everyone can edit it and keep it up to date?


All your Questions will be answered here: Closed beta access

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anyone got E3 2021 badge

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I don’t think there is a 2021 E3 badge

The last information for this badge was that this badge is for E3 attendees.Could be that viewer on Twitch while a E3 stream is live also may get a code later maybe. I dont know, but i dont think that you can reedem the Badge anymore.

That’s actually a great idea, especially since @tophackr hasn’t been active for a while, where he was very active in the years before. Just thinking very vaguely, maybe covid-related?

I also thought about hosting my own json-list online, but thats the same subject to eventually me just vanishing at some point because I lost interest in teamspeak. But I can’t really think of a nice spot to host such a thing publicly.
Another contra point for everyone being able to edit it also would be that the content may not be that nicely structured as it was by tophackr.


New teamspak badge :slightly_smiling_face: Badge Code: PietSmiet E5MUOoKXoAY-Mzy


Very imaginative advertising for their subscription on their website.


I don’t have a subscription on their site. I found the code on twitter.

I mean the description of the badge.

Nice list I hope it gets updated :smiley:

very unlikely

As Syox said!. For some reason the user who made this list has been disappeared since February.
But it you want there are some other lists online you can find.

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That is fine, we could create a new list, but I don’t know where did tophackr gain some of the information about those badges, like when was it removed, how can you activate it etc., also badges that are secret and so on.

I have a list about them too. But still no need to create a new one. We just need this one as a wiki page (which is possible) so everyone can add the new badges.

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Of course. Well this was already said but no one seems to care to make it a wiki.

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