Teamspeak beta Access

Hello there teamspeak users and fans.

I am a teamspeak server owner (sponsored) for over 15 years now, and I have applied in myteamspeak for the Beta access a long time ago, I never received any information, badge or code.

And recently I have been wondering if maybe I forgot to apply somewhere or missed anything in order to be able to get into the beta program.

Can anyone advise ? Is this something that is hard to get in and I simply must wait ? Or is there someone or some email that I can write to requesting beta access ?

Try to use the Official Beta Portal, don’t know if they’re working with the old Formula where you entered your E-Mail.

Just login with your MyTeamSpeak Account and apply for Beta, you get your Beta Account as Normal TS3 Badge.

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Please read this FAQ: Closed beta access

If you registered for the original closed beta access but haven’t redeemed your closed beta access badge codes, or you have never received the email for closed beta access – The codes that were sent out to everyone have now expired and are non-replaceable. You will need to register on to join the current registrations if you want to join the closed beta. (The final codes for the original beta signups were sent out in January 2020 and these codes expired in the summer of 2020).


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after signing up for the beta how long will it take to get access :question: