TeamSpeak [BETA] code is not working

Hello everyone!

I received an email from TeamSpeak to be part of the testing of the new TeamSpeak. But when I log in with my email and password and enter the code, it says I’m on the waiting list. I think something’s wrong.

And now what do I do?

When did you get this email?

Looks like an older email, since TeamSpeak no longer sends beta codes, but only assigns access to TeamSpeak Beta to the myTeamSpeak account.

To see if you have access, you need to check in your myTeamSpeak account if you have the following badge: Testing

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Beta Codes that got send long time ago are no longer valid.

It’s as Cornelius wrote.


This email I received on 12/11/2019. But I was having major personal problems and I had to sell my computer, I returned and started to enjoy TeamSpeak again, and I would like to try the new TeamSpeak. Because, I received the invitation, I want to be part of this BETA test.

Here is a screenshot of all my badges.

@TS.ChrisR @Cornelius

How can the TeamSpeak team release my access to TeamSpeak BETA again?

Thank you.

Hi there,
nice to read you got better!

To be fair to all users, we now strictly let people in that registered on in the order they registered. Check out Closed beta access to read more about that and actually your case, too (because there are more people like you who have missed redeeming that badge on time).
We started to let more people in quite frequently (as announced on twitter for example), so don’t worry it would take as much time for you to get in as it had before. In contrast to the sent out emails, we will unlock every single account that has opted in. So even if you’d miss an email or would be unavailable for quite some time, your account will have that badge and beta access (and as you have already logged in on that site, you are on that list).

So please just a little patience, you’ll get in!