Teamspeak Beta lowered my sound?

At the launch of the beta, I installed it, and upon talking to people everyone has told me they could barely hear me, so i stopped using the Beta and just use TS3 now but it’s still low its done something to my drivers? Just wondering how to fix this…

I don’t see that option for Mic Boost, but it was Mic was already set to 100

In ts5 they varied with AGC.
This causes the problem:
Removed AGC from audio capture settings in favour of playback AGC.
But in the next ts3 update (3.5.0) the settings be the same, so the problem will be solved.

Is there an idea when 3.5.0 will come out? I kinda want to fix it now

Official information is: To be determined. It could take a while. Or not.

You can do that right now by switching to the Beta channel (Tools -> Options -> Application -> Update Channel -> Beta).