TeamSpeak Beta Server Error

The free server I installed with TeamSpeak Beta constantly gives this error

Is this the Android client - could you translate those errors for me (might be you’re just seeing the serverquery monitoring in the background)


Yes android client

“error” Connected to “Welcome” Channel.
“error”, Connection interrupted (“deselected virtual server”)

It gives this error only on the default channel. unless he leaves that channel. It’s not on other channels.

Yeah this is not a client error. You should not be able to see this. It is like @davinciTS said above. Some serverquery client joined and then disconnected. Nothing to really worry about.

The presentation of that in the Android client is perhaps a little confusing (it’s not really an error) - you’re likely seeing the internal server monitoring making sure your server is behaving itself. As Gamer92000 said, definitely nothing to worry about.