TeamSpeak crashing when trying to set a hotkey

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Hello, I am an iOS TS user and every time I try to asign a Tilde (~) or (Tab) key for Push to Talk TS crashes. I am curious if this is a known issue and what might fix this?
Thanks in advance.

The next Beta update for TS5 (no release date yet).


Hello, Same thing with my M1 Air with the latest version. Is there really no other way to solve this other than waiting for an update? Can I use an older version of teamspeak for the time being?

When it was said what to do, why you expect anything else to be the fix?

You got option but no fix:

  • Wait till an update was released
  • Don’t use hotkeys in TS5 till the update
  • Use TS3 client instead till there is an update for TS5

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So, I’ve tried several times to get push to talk on MacBook, and I get an error EVERY time. The photo shows the error, but I’m at a loss. Please help. Edit: on a m1 Apple chip, might need intel.

I’ll use a third-party program until a update comes out.