Teamspeak deletes the display of the server group id?

Hi, I have a problem. I have client 3.5.0 Beta (29.01.2020) and 5.0.0 beta 21.
And i can’t find id server groups(3.5.0 Beta (29.01.2020)). Someone knows how to turn them back on? Or do I have to go back to the old(stable) version of ts?

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While in the Permissions window of TS3 if you hover your mouse over the server/channel group the ID will be shown in a popup tooltip.





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Why did you delete showing servergroup ID behind the servergroup name in “Tools > Permissins > ServerGroups” ?

Now I have to move mouse over the exact permission to see its ID and it is really annoying. I do not see any reason why would you ever change this. I need to have easy access to this.

The last chance to find SG ID easily is in Server Group Dialog but still not optimal.

Could you add the IDs back in some release? I think everyone who uses bots and other features like it would really appricciate that.

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So, nobody answered. Is there a reason fro this change? Is there a setting I can change and see the SG ID in the brackets behind the perms name? Thank you.

Pretty sure that such an option doesn’t exist.

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What a shame. Everything what I do with my bot is little bit harder and time consuming for no reason now. Thank you for answering :slight_smile: