TeamSpeak Development Status Update

I would think maybe they would integrate the chat into the TeamSpeak server and not put it out as an extra product


Nice to see anything new.
I was wondering about the “Error” message and look forward to the new update (which will come hopefully soon).


Had the same issue. 2 days ago it was fine, then i got the dreaded “ERROR, ERROR, ERROR, ERROR”, just by simply opening the the client. I then noticed the Chat Offline bit. Then promptly put in a Ticket about it after yesterday.

The reply on ticket was to come on here to input my voice on the issue, thus here i am.

Thankfully the OP has told me how to save my ears and my blood pressure.

Can we have a way to edit the ERROR sound to something else please.

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There isn‘t a possibility (yet). But as @TS.ChrisR said, you can just disable the sound because the Chat system will be online again in the near future.

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So nothing new on the web client or anything? Sorry Teamspeak but during your silence our large teamspeak community has left along with many others.

You might think keeping silent and trying to surprise people is the way to go but when you ignore the people that have supported you for for over a decade you make them feel like nothing and we’ve been waiting years for TS5 and now we are waiting more because you want perfect which could be true but when you lose all your supporters it doesn’t matter if you have the best VOIP on the market if nobody is willing to use it because they’ve invested money into something else.

To say you’ll give us access to all the “cool” things over the last few months I’m sorry but at this stage is there a real need to hide anything? Do you think your getting a jump in the competition by doing this? You’ve been doing this for years and we keep telling you stop doing this, stop trying to surprise us, I’m glad we’ve switched and we have no plans to come back unless you can convince the majority of gamers to use the TS platform, which atm you guys still look like your playing catch-up with the competition nothing new. As the Leader of our community why should we use TeamSpeak after you release this next update or future ones? You could have the most sexy visual VoIP platform but how does that address the fact that nobody wants to use it over the competition? These are the things you should be addressing, we thought you had some secret weapon over a year ago and then come the trailer you released, nope. So if there’s no secret weapon, then honestly at this point TeamSpeak isn’t meant for gamers at least not for the large community ones.

I can’t stress this enough stop hiding in the shadows, stop trying to surprise people, just be open with your current features and what your working on, let the fans join you on this development adventure that’s all we asked for, you lost us so take my advice before you lose more… TS will always feel like home but seeing you take such a long time and constantly remaining quiet only to surprise us with such little features it’s not the adventure we are looking to join you on. I’m not writing this to stir the pot or cause an uproar, I’m hoping that someone at the back will read this and finally wake up and involve the TS community. Star Citizen has taken so many years to develop what they have so far but you know why they haven’t lost people? They keep them involved closely with their development, they don’t shut the door and remain quiet for months, they further involve their supporters that supported them from the start, maybe stop trying to do the no mans sky approach and do the Star Citizen Approach.


it is not only the community that suffers from your idiocies, even the free hosts as well as the vast majority of the rest of the average users pay the price !!!


So firstly, i want to say that i love the new Teamspeak and you guys did a very good job with that.
But now to the chat conversation. I don’t think that it is a good idea to put the global chat system on private servers (at least this is how i read this post). First, i don’t want my chat data to be held on someones server i don’t know who it is and what this person does with my data, in this case i’d rather prefer it to be held directly at Teamspeak. Second, i don’t want another server chaos where everybody has its global chat on another server and i myself have to connect (at least only initially i hope) to all those…
My question now is how are the solutions you guys provide us since i can’t really get it from this post.


TS.ChrisR thanks for such optimistic news and instructions for the annoying no connection sound :slight_smile: I can’t wait to test new changes;)


I agree with you, but if you just repeat the same message every time it is just annoying…

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That’s the point, it’s not meant for you, it’s meant for someone at the back, if they’ve read it and still continue this path then yeah by all means enjoy this slow and torturous adventure.

Let’s just see how long this update takes, and see if there’s actually something worth while because they stopped talking in what, March? So let’s say they release it October that’s Half a year to produce whatever they did and a year since they pushed out the closed Beta… this has been a terrible ride these past few years of being excited for this TS5… “ The biggest change we’ve made will affect our chat features…“ that’s the biggest change, you can expect, so don’t expect a bomb shell past the chat system, don’t expect a web client anytime soon…

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They’ve been told this for years and continue down this path, it’s taken extreme lengths to get them to make statements in the past on minor issues. Don’t expect it to change, ever.

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First, thank you all for your quality feedback. We’re working hard (not just hardly) on the next update and are aiming to make the new version available in the course of the next week, unless critical issues are encountered. Fingers crossed. :upside_down_face:

We apologize for any inconvenience the chat system outage might cause.

To answer some of your questions…

Based on your statement, we assume that you’ll be pleased with what we have in stock.

Starting next week, we’ll continue to provide hosted chat services for all beta testers. So no need to set up your own camp.

Yes, you will still be able to share messages without being connected to a TeamSpeak Server.

We hope that this answers some of your most important questions.


Thanks @TS_Dennis for that you keep us up to date, we can’t wait to test the new beta update. :slight_smile:

. No, that doesn’t answer the question! So what will be the procedure? If the chat system is no longer included in the teamspeak … What’s the point??? It’s good as it is because we don’t have any questions to ask ourselves! It’s completely lame in the way you operate

Maybe read the actual announcement again. Who said the chat system won’t be included in ts anymore? @TS_Dennis said that the new version will hopefully be available next week if no critical issues occur, so be patient and see for yourself.


Just one more thing: One of the reasons why I was concerned is that the roadmap was not being kept up to date… Is anything planned to continue the roadmap?


how did you get this?

@TheAccountOfTeo997 Some people are running around with it on public TeamSpeak Servers.


ah, interesting. Any idea on how to get this?

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