Teamspeak Merchandise Down?


the is offline for more than 3 weeks

Whats up there?

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I think they have a maintenance.

More than 3 weeks ?

The entire website is down which (I think) never happened before, so it’s probably not just a maintenance but we’ll have to wait and see what they’re working on. Maybe they’ll start teasing us more on socials :wink:


or new merchandise has coming :smiley:

Merchandise is removed from the drop down menu

Yeah, they also removed the picture from the website’s footer.

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Looks like it gets removed or they’ll just apply some ‘big’ changes. :hourglass_flowing_sand:
Maybe merch edition 4.0? :grimacing:

Guess there’s still no official statement to its downtime.

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I can’t find the merchandise website and the only one avaliable ( doesn’t work.

The site is currently offline.

@CuloUmano Hi, for me the shop no longer exists the link on the site has even been deleted

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