Teamspeak picking up game audio no other app is picking up (Wave Link issue?)

I play with a group in Star Citizen who started complaining about my ‘hot mic’ issues. Kind of strange, since I play in a quiet room with circumaural headphones on. Turns out they could hear my game audio and an echo of speech from other users.

Discord and Zoom don’t seem to have this issue, but I wondered if it were sound-leakage from my headphones.

To test this;

  • I put on a loud YouTube video, turned on my mic, and recorded the room in Audacity. No obvious leakage. I could hear mouse-clicks, but not the video.
  • I started to recite some Shakespeare, comes in loud and clear, but no hint of the video.
  • I put the left ear of my headphones right onto the mic and started talking; voice is clear, YouTube audio didn’t show up at all.
  • I pushed up the volume of the recording to see if I could make out anything; whatever was leaking was being drowned out by my PC fans.

Push-To-Talk helps because it only broadcasts when I push the key, but it’s still sending the game audio and other people’s voices.

I have checked the input is right, I can see the lack of input on that channel in the mixing app, but TS3 is for some reason getting hold of a signal that it’s not being told to capture.

Headphones: Betron Retro
Mic: Elgato Wave:3
Mixing Software: Wave Link

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