Teamspeak right click on user delayed

At our ts3 server is the problem that some things as right clicking a user is delayed. We dont know why this problem is happening but it is happening alsmost everytime. The server moderator (me) and the server admin have this problem, so its not a client problem but a server problem.

So basically everytime when i want to poke or see the information of a user, its lagging.
We have a offical teamspeak3 licence, so wen cannot contact other third party companies

This can happen when a lot of server groups exist on server and/or when groups have bigger icons set and the client needs to load these.

Options are to reduce the amount of groups or the size of the icons set in your group.
You may use icons with a max size of 128x128 pixels and some KB only.


Thank you very much. That solves it! :slight_smile: Very good support!