TeamSpeak RPG Collection Thread

“Now you have travelled into the past, you might have the password which looks right, but it isn’t.”
E, S, P, E, D, T, M

Could be Speed (tm?)

Because if we travel into the past we need to have speed.

Also this reference would have a deeper meaning now.

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Only just found this whole thing today, but the enthusiasm here is super infectious!! Hope it all works out for everyone c:

invalid code :frowning:

Double A and K from where? D:

I don’t know. :joy:

isn’t it first april from teamspeak? : D

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just throwing these in here

We got some problems btw… Some Users can’t post anymore, because they reached a certain limit (newer account). For example @GhostRider584. If you have anything to add, but can’t, hit me up in DMs, I will share your thoughts.



Oops didn’t cater for that! Thanks for offering to do that


So don’t waste posts, lol
write only useful stuff


This discussion got 115 posts for a reason… we needed to find those words first so… :slight_smile:



guys i just made a new account; i hope this is not against tos or forum rules…

badge codes are limited to 10 characters

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The correct code is! 10 digits long :smiley:


i just tried using a rot13 “encryption” on the ones we had so far, no luck (because of the mirror thingy)

I also thought about “FOOLED” instead of “FOOL”.
Lets keep going with “FOOLED”

S, P, E, T, M

So we have one letter that is not part of the code

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Also @SteaLthShiNu messaged me with this:

and we are forgetting about the numbers?
Five_Alive quoted 12 and in RPG there was 15
FOOLSPEEDTM and numbers? or FOOLSDEEPTM something like this?