TeamSpeak server api?

i want to get Api from my server and show some like online user and some information about my server. just like a simple twitter or instagram Apis.
here any site to give me Api from my server?

and i want to show this information in web page and using PHP programming language.

thanks to all.

With the server release 3.12.0 TeamSpeak released a new features called WebQuery.
For details, please take a look into the linked post above.

Sending a cURL request via. PHP for example couldn’t be easier.
The response is a serialized JSON table.
(don’t forget to add your created API key in the header)

Server details request example:

1 is your server ID and serverinfo the (query) command.

If you have multiple servers running in one instance you can list the servers of course:

1 is missing now, since you have no server selected

In contrast to the existing TeamSpeak PHP framework this new feature needs less ressources and is way faster and easier to use.

Running created PHP scripts as task/cronjob will grant you a lot of possibilities.

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