TeamSpeak Server closes itself after a few seconds (Docker)


im currently trying to get some exercise in docker, so i make some Docker Containers for a few applications i run on my server.

No i have the problem when i run the teamspeak server inside the docker container it closes itself after it started, but only when i run it as my teamspeak user who has full rights for the directory.

When i run it as root everything seems to be fine.
Im using archlinux as image.

What do i wrong?
I run it with the following:
./ts3server filetransfer_ip= license_accepted=1

Also ./ start doesnt work.


Why don’t you just use the official docker image from TeamSpeak?
But your problem comes from the fact that the container shuts down once the run command finished executing.

I guess there is a problem with your permission configuration. For example, there is a teampeak user on the host, but not in docker.
maybe you should read the following teamspeak output log