Teamspeak Service - Restart After Server Restarts

Good Day Folks,

I did post about this some months ago but have since moved from Apache to NGINX (maybe no different for this) and I am having trouble getting TS to start as a service.

I created a file here /lib/systemd/system/ts3server.service with the following:

Description=Teamspeak Service

ExecStop=/home/smiley/ts3/ stop
ExecReload=/home/smiley/ts3/ restart


Needless to say it did not work :slight_smile:
But after I noticed there is no stop file in my directory?? Not sure why, not something I would have deleted for example.

Can anyone please spring some light on this for me. It is not a huge problem to manually start ts3 but still, easier if it starts itself :slight_smile:

Thank you

Awesome reply. Thank you.

So when i restarted the machine TS never started.

This is my output of status and i see the symlink in /etc/systemd/system/teamspeak.service

Doh!!! how silly I feel …it is under my user smiley…

I will change…see how that goes

UPDATE: Worked a treat.Thanks again…Could not see for looking haha :slight_smile:

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