Teamspeak Wrong GEO Location

I am still seeing the issue for wrong GEO location is still around teamspeak. but when i connected last week to the beta Teamspeak Server and TS3 public teamspeak server. my country flag there is right. I want to know if there is any method i can update the geo database manually in my server. without contacting ip2location.

I want to add that I have checked with IP2location for a long time. And they have updated to the right location. but in the last Teamspeak Update. The GEO Location database didin’t get updated.

From my knowledge there is no way to update it manually. It only gets updated trough a Server update.

The location is correctly recognized on the Beta and right? Then you probably should update the other servers you are connecting to / let the admins update.

I am an Administrator on a highly active Teamspeak server. We recently updated, but the geolocation issue persists. I’d like to highlight that I was able to connect to the BETA server using the TS3 client, and it displayed the correct country flag. However, this is not the case for the standard (or any other TS3 Server).

That’s because the Beta server is a TS5 server which then seems to have an more up to date location database.

You can already setup a TS5 server, but it is may not be stable.

The TS native may have an updated location database and uses the old chat system, so you should be able to use it as you would do with a TS3 server.

(You can connect to a TS5 server with TS3, but you cannot use the chat or file transfer. As the new chat is TS5 exclusive and adds the ability to upload attachments into the chat.

This is interesting. I wasn’t aware that we could use the TS5 server build (Beta Version). I’ll certainly give it a try and see how it performs. However, I do hope there will be a dedicated solution for the TS3 server build to address this geolocation issue.

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There already is (kinda)! Per default the TeamSpeak server uses IP2Location. You can contact them to update your IPs location. But as a server hoster, there is another solution.
Since version 3.13.x you can provide your own location db, e.g. MMDB. Simply start the server with the parameter, like so: ts3server mmdbpath=/path/to/database.mmdb.


I want to say thanks to everyone who helped me. I tried using a thing called DB-IP MMDB (Database) in my TeamSpeak Server, and it fixed the problem. Thanks for helping out!

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