[TeamSpeakJS] The problem with obtaining data

I use TS3-NodeJS-Library and I’m trying to get the total number of people in the channel with method teamspeak.channelList(). In most cases, it gives me reliable data, but with one channel the problem!

When I have two clients in the channel, it gives out information -1, did not find information about this problem on the Internet, did someone meet with it?

P.S I suggest that the forum team create another communication thread for people with such issues in various popular libraries. TS3-NodeJS-Library, ts3phpframework, py-ts3 and etc. :slight_smile:

thats cool that you call my project popular :wink:

the problem here is probably that the channel_needed_subscribe_power is 9999 (probably because the admin is in this channel and might have some permissions assigned to his group or client which disallows client listing in his channel and it might be possible that your query user has not enough view power to see the clients in this channel


You right, it really hindered watching the channel!
I set a great value for i_channel_subscribe_power works fine now, thanks! I forgot that privilege is also needed for query user :smile:

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