The forum is broken

If you check forums with a lot of comments, you will notice that replies get repeated as comments right after the comment in which they exist. Please fix that.

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If I reply to this thread (like I’m doing now) my post will appear underneath yours, just how the forum normally would work.

However, if I reply to this thread and also reply directly to your post (by clicking the reply button on your post), my post will appear nestled underneath your message indicating my message is related to your post.

That’s the only way I can think of something appearing as a double post. Unless you have a screenshot you can show me?


I got you an example.

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So when you choose to write in a thread, you can simply write a comment OR you can reply to a specific person.
If you choose to “Reply” then your message will be visible under the expanded replies section for the comment.

The button to expand Replies to the comment above.

All replies to the above comment above after the Red button has been clicked.

Confirmation that comment was a Reply to “Gerrygames” comment


But that doesn’t make sense. I don’t comment taken out of context. It’s a pain to look for the comment the reply belongs to.

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Um, no… It makes perfect sense and it’s like this on virtually every forum. BTW, if I’m not wrong, by default these look of replies is hidden and they are only shown in order by time of posting them.


When you click the “Replies” button, you will be looking at the comment which the replies are for…

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I am unable to swallow it. Is it because I use Reddit all the time? Either way, let’s end this thread here and mark it as resolved. (I still don’t like that format)