return 502 error return a 502 bad gateway error


Tnx forwarded it to our IT.


This got fixed yesterday.


hi, i found this invite feature to link over a website link.
but, if i go to invite,teamspeak,com(+serveradress) it changes to tmspk,gg/(+the serveradress) and it looks dont work… i get a blank white screen in the browser (i tried firefox, chrome, edge) and the ts3 app dont start or connect it to my server if ts3 still runs.

the normal invite way with ts3server:// works.

i dont get a failure message like the thread author had. just a white website without do anything…

EDIT: i set , than . cause i dont know if links allowed here, sry

Not topic of this thread

This invite page works fine here.
It offers me to choose a client and connects.

Ps it must be white. There is no content on it.

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