Toggle Server Group Hotkey with selecting two groups?

In my Arma Group we use Task Force Radio to talk in game and we have it all set up to move people to the appropriate channel for that but we also have the group “Helpful Move Lock” so that we can lock our selves in certain channels if needed. (like if those people are doing a training or something and need to be in a different channel for things while in game)

My issue I have is with Hotkey Toggle Server Group under Tools > Options > Hotkeys > Advanced Actions > Permissions > Toggle Server Group

It requires a current group and a group to toggle. (CurrentGroup;GroupToToggle)

I got it to work with choosing a group that only a select few of us have (Group1;Helpful Move Lock) but I want it to only select me.

If there is a way to put two groups in the first argument (like Group1,Group2;Helpful Move Lock) that would work for me or would I need to find another way to assign groups with a hotkey?