Не распознал ваш идентификационный номер

Сервер TeamSpeak не распознал ваш идентификационный номер myTeamSpeak. Некоторые из сервисов myTeamSpeak не доступны.
Попробуйте подключиться повторно.

Please take have a look into this Thread: The TeamSpeak server could not validate your myTeamSpeak ID

it didn’t help

Please post your TeamSpeak 3 Client Log.

Thats the Case:

You may get the message caused by a password reset and you can not change it till you enter your recovery key in the client or do a fallback in the client.

how to do this?

  1. Click on Restore Recovery Key

  2. *Click on the Fallback Button if you don’t have your Recovery Key

thx for help

Is the Problem solved?

все решилось, спасибо

Welcome to TeamSpeak :blue_heart:

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