Trick or Treat 2021

was a good idea but they should have set up a website or something so people with bad internet actually had a chance to be top 5 I get it its an exclusive badge but the way this event was set up you really need perfect internet for it to work as they intended or basically guess when the light is actually green in real-time then send the command and hope it registers just sounds like a whole lotta RNG to me… though I did give it a solid attempt I seen people selling their badge codes so uhm mods should really be yeah know moderating the one twitch mod I seen in chat was really just spamming things we all knew even spamming at the chat to stop typing !redeem when the light was red whole situations just funny.

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Why is there no stream?:frowning:

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Admins sleep?


Probably starting in 24 Hours. 00:00 is always a bit misleading as a time stamp


Very nice :smiley:

Still waiting for the stream to start. :frowning:

I think they forgot it.

From the Stream:

Hello all, it looks like the stream is taking place in ~24hours and not now. So, the 1st November at 11:59 PM to 5:59 AM - (CET).


the first live stream started hours ago yall will need to catch the next one go over to teampeaks twitch page and check their schedule there it will tell you in your timezone when the next stream is starting.

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lmao you mean a twitch stream that’s basically a still image and hundreds of people spamming !redeem isn’t a fun event…

oh, wait it’s not… :slightly_smiling_face:

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