Trouble with sound while using headphones, but not when using other audio device

Hey so as I stated in the title I am having trouble hearing anything Teamspeak3 related via my Headphones.
I can hear music/games perfectly fine via the Headphones but Teamspeak seems to just not broadcast any sound to them. If I switch the playback device to anything else (one of my Monitors or other Loudspeakers) I hear Teamspeak fine.
When I do that I hear Teamspeak on the respective device and still hear music/games on my earphones.
I tried reinstalling Teamspeak but that didn’t seem to help.
Any ideas of what this could be/what I could do?

My guess is you are using Windows.
If you go to your audio settings you should see a default playback and a default playback device for communication. You need to set both to your headphones then TeamSpeak should use that one too.
Alternatively you could go to your TeamSpeak settings and select the default device as playback device (instead of the one for comms)

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