TS client crashes on MacOS when connecting

Having the same issue! Exactly same error behavior


I’m glad I am not alone. Thanks for replying!

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ah look here, there’s even a beta version available: TS client crashes on MacOS when connecting - #8 by LoneStarGazer

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Had the same issue on 11.3. The new beta 3.5.7 resolved the issue!

Thank you!


I updated my Apple on 4/26/2021 with the BigSur update and now I get this error message.

Grab yourself this client


Just installed it and it still doesn’t work, I am running BigSur 11.3, the update for Apple was on 4/26/2021

I figured it out, I had to allow it to open, I just looked at all the security screens. Thank you for the help.

macOS 11.3
TS 3.5.6

Updated macOS the other night an TS auto-closes when attempting to connect to a server

Please show us a Client Log. :slight_smile:

Maybe the new Beta Version could fix this: Index

Also, the beta version worked
Thanks :slight_smile:

Glad to hear, that its now solved. :slight_smile:

Welcome to TeamSpeak :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I got the problem that my Teamspeak 3 client crashes as soon as I try to get a connection. It always worked. I also tried to completely (also deleted all the leaved data inside library) remove teamspeak data and reinstalled but the problem is still there. I would be glad if someone could help me with that.



Hello @tetsuo101

Please open path Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/crashdumps on your Hard drive and attach at least the crash file.

And what you could try is to update the Client to this Beta Version: http://files.teamspeak-services.com/pre_releases/client/3.5.7-beta.1/TeamSpeak3-Client-macosx-3.5.7.dmg maybe this fixed your Crash

thanks a lot Rikku. I just installed the beta client and everything works fine as before. thanks a lot for your quick response.

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Welcome to TeamSpeak.

Feel free to ask us all here, if you have any other Problems. :slight_smile:

Just signed up to the forum…having the exact same problem.

Ah, never mind…just saw the beta client info

just wanted to say I followed the advice from Rikku and now everything works fine thanks a lot again :wink:

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