TS RPG Page 71

It is common knowledge among adventurers that those with knowledge sit in taverns alone, usually with cowls over their heads and deep, mysterious voices. It’s as certain as rain falling downwards!

And this one is wearing grey robes … You decide to exercise a little extra caution; you’ve encountered more dangerous coincidences before.

You go first to the bar and order a mug of small beer, cursing the tavernkeep for reciting a Halfling slur at the request. You pay the offending man, and – armed with beverage and mild desperation – you wedge through the crowd and plop down at the table with the tall, robed fellow.

Who, as it turns out, isn’t a fellow at all. It is a woman, and she’s very obviously blind. You blink in surprise. Her cowl hid her features, as did the glare from the open windows. She turns her face to you, sensing your presence.

“Hello?’’ You rethink your options. The only information you have about the thieves is their description – what would a blind woman know?

If you wish to apologize and excuse yourself, go to https://community.teamspeak.com/t/ts-rpg-page-95. If you take this option, this did not count as a “visit.’’ You may still speak to both the Halfling and the Sailor, if you haven’t already. If you wish to speak to her, anyway, go to https://community.teamspeak.com/t/ts-rpg-page-103