TS3 crashes randomly in Debian 32-bit

This crash is random. Most of the time it happens when someone speaks on a channel, but it can also happen when opening TeamSpeak. On rare occasions it does not crash, but it is difficult.

This error happens both on real hardware and on a virtual machine. I am using TeamSpeak 3 3.5.6 on Debian 10.8 32-bit with LXDE interface.

Here is the log file and the crashdump: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DXiATbbADpw1okUqaehg5h-3WU-TglSl/view?usp=sharing


It appears to be an error related to “segmentation fault”.

Someone can help?

In the last field, I see the error “Falha de segmentation” and not really sure if it is correctly translated in segmentation failure that means that a segmentation fault or access violation is a fault, or failure condition, raised by hardware with memory protection. That is notifying an operating system the software has attempted to access a restricted area of memory

Full Error Message here

1. Use gdb to track exact source of problem.
2. Make sure correct hardware installed and configured.
3. Always apply all patches and use updated system.
4. Make sure all dependencies installed inside jail.
5. Turn on core dumping for supported services such as Apache.

or Probably this will help you:


Everything is updated and working. I have been testing and I saw that the latest version that does not show this error is TeamSpeak 3.5.2.

About the link, it seems to be valid only if the program that had this error was a program that I was developing and could work on to fix the problem. It’s not the case.