TS3 Hosting

Hello! Is legal to host unlicensed TeamSpeak 3 server for free? I wanna have free TS3 unlicensed hosting

It is not allowed to run several of these free instances on the same root server. If you need more than 32 slots or several virtual TS3 servers, you have to register the server.


You can host one server with 32 slots as long there is no commercial background.


Ok thanks, and if I will run for example 5 servers? I will get blacklist or what?

Then you hopefully bought a license! As both of us said: you are not allowed to run more than 1 without a license.

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And I said or what ? :DD

How many $ it costs?

No. Rikku and I.

You try to bend the rules.


No I am just interested so sorry and calm down, I ve seen something like ts3 cloud and they host it so I am just askin’ man chill

You need to check
Or contact our sales department (just click on Help & Support).

I’m chilled but know why people ask this. Does not mean they do it.

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Yes I want to have Free TS3 hosting I wrote it so I dont want to lie. But I ve just asked you what TS3 can do. DMCA - No, its not Copyright violence so I asked you bcs I think that Blacklist is only simple way how to remove these unlicensed hostings

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