Ts3 is not picking up my headset automatically when plugging it in. It used to do this

Hi guys, Im sorry if this has been mentioned before and i couldnt find anything in the forum.

ill try to explain my issue the best i can.

I run my pc using the tv (monitor) as sound.

when i plug in my headset, Ts3 used to automatically switch both playback and capture devices to my headset. This doesnt happen any more.

Both capture and playback devices are set to default in ts3 sound settings.

I’m not sure why this used to happen flawlessly but doesn’t anymore. Any assistance would be helpful, thank you.

Your device is not set as “Default communications device” when plugged in.
The client does switch, as soon it was changed in our Windows audio settings.


Thank you for giving me an understanding of this, This has worked but when i remove the headset, i cant hear ts3 audio through my tv and have to change it back to my tv in the playback settings of ts3. Again this is something that used to happen but doesnt anymore. Thank you for any further assistance you may be able to offer.

I told you why the client does not do this automatically. What happens in your driver or Windows settings is nothing i can tell you.

You need to make sure the right devices are set as “Default communications device".