[TS3] Permission Related Questions

Hello, I am trying to setup the permissions in my TeamSpeak Server!

  1. How can I allow certain group to create semi-permanent / temporary channels with/without password within a specific permanent channel?
  • Permanent Channels
    ↳— Ben’s Room
    ↳------- Ben’s Friends Room
    – Hill’s Room
    – John’s Room

So, I want to make a group (Ben Group) which will apply to Ben’s Room only. So people with Ben Group will be able to create sub-channels as temp. or semi-permanent with/without password. But they can only do this within the Ben’s Room Channel only. They cannot do outside this specific channel.

  1. Continuing with the above question, I want people to have dragging power too. So anyone with that above mentioned group can drag the people to the sub-channel (within the main channel that is ben’s room).


You can only manage this by creating a channel group for the permanent channel and give it the creation power or you use a bot.

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Thanks. Can you tell me more in depth? Thanks.

Also which bot?

This can be accomplished with permissions already in TeamSpeak, you just need to use min and max depth. This way will allow anyone in the Ben Group to create sub-channels only under Ben’s Room channel. If they try to create a channel anywhere else they will get the failed on i_channel_max_depth error.

Ben Group Permissions:
i_channel_min_depth = 1
i_channel_max_depth = 0

Ben’s Room Channel Permission:
i_channel_max_depth = 1

As far as them being able to move people to that channel, as long as they have channel admin assigned to them they should be able to move people to that channel. As that is a permission already assigned to channel admin unless it has been changed.

If you have any other questions I will be happy to answer :smiley:

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Thank you @KryptoKnight, But as you can see I have multiple Rooms like Ben, Hill, John.

How can I make sure that ABC can make changes in Ben, XYZ can make changes in John and HIJ can only make changes in Hill?

They cannot make changes out of these Rooms.

Basically, How can I make sure Ben Group can handle the special permissions within the Ben Room and not outside the Ben Room?

Because I want to replicate it with the Hill with HIJ and John with XYZ.

So basically,

ABC can make changes into the Ben Room assigned as Ben Group
XYZ can make changes into the John Room assigned as John Group
HIJ cna make changes into the Hill Room assigned as Hill Group.

I understand it in the term of Discord but since I am moving to TeamSpeak I need to understand this properly.

The bot you can use is sinusbot. You can also write plugins like you want for it. So basicaly you down the plugin automatic channel creation and write your own part to it.
I wrote it in another topic that you can find here → Ideas and secrets - #5 by AimRabbit
There are also the links to the website of the sinusbot.

Another way you can do it and how its been done by the most RP projects is by using the board software woltlab burning board and a bought plugin where you can set channel groups to a specific channel for a usergroup in that board.
I post you the links and you can take a look if it is what you are looking for :wink:
That is the board software https://www.woltlab.com/ and here is the plugin Teamspeak 3 Synchronisation (WSC) - WoltLab®

But be careful about the versions! And also have in mind this board is not for free :wink:
I hope i could bring you a little bit further to your goal.

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Sorry but my concern is this: [TS3] Permission Related Questions - #5 by LearningTS

Maybe @davinciTS or @TS.ChrisR have an idea.

But it would also be a great feature for TS5 to assign channel groups to channels and that the permissions will only affect that channel and subchannels (if selected).

Well, I hope they add this to TS3 too. I know TS5 is coming but TS3 is light af. For our potato systems, TS3 rocks.

You have no idea how great ts5 already is and its getting greater by every update :slight_smile: But maybe with some tricks (i didn’t know) you can already get this done. The both variations i posted above are doing it but its some work to configure or writing the extra part.

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May I know how can I get access to TS5? Because I never got one so I don’t know how good TS5 is.

Meanwhile, @KryptoKnight I’m still waiting for your reply.

[TS3] Permission Related Questions - #5 by LearningTS

I only can you redirect to this topic → Is it possible to get the TS5?

But in my opinion the open beta is not far away maybe a few month. But its my opinion!

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Hello, I am still waiting for the help here. Thanks.