TS3 Server crashing repeatedly


Having a recent problem with my TS3 server crashing repeatedly on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 x64. It has been working fine for years until just the other day. I can watch it crash repeatedly in the task manager. I use a program called firedaemon which runs it as a system service. It launches, maxes out the CPU for about 2 seconds, and then crashes. Repeat. It will create a 100 .dmp files in just a few minutes. The .dmp files don’t indicate location of the problem.

What I have done to trouble shoot:

I have updated the TS3 server to the latest version. Still crashing.
Copied the entire TS3 server folder to a different computer running windows 7 ult x64. The result is, the server runs properly. So it appears my TS3 server files are not corrupted. And that the problem lies with the TS3 server interaction with my Windows Server 2008 installation.

Any help would be appreciated.


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