Ts3sqlitedb file not created when configured the server

The title says all, for some reason, when creating a new TS3 server(mariadb enabled) on a VPS with Ubuntu 20.04, the database file dont appear on server root directory.
I used find . “ts3server.sqlitedb*” on base dir of my server, and it didnt find it anywhere

I made the server 2 days ago, but only noticed now this key file is missing

2021-03-21 14:10:00.936987|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.13.3 (2020-12-16 14:17:05)
2021-03-21 14:10:00.937065|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |SystemInformation: Linux 5.4.0-67-generic #75-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 19 18:03:38 UTC 2021 x86_64 Binary: 64bit
2021-03-21 14:10:00.937090|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |Using hardware aes
2021-03-21 14:10:00.937827|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |dbPlugin name: MariaDB plugin, version 3, ©TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
2021-03-21 14:10:00.937853|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |dbPlugin version: 2
2021-03-21 14:10:00.970733|INFO |Accounting | |Licensing Information
2021-03-21 14:10:00.970802|INFO |Accounting | |type : ##hidden##
2021-03-21 14:10:00.970857|INFO |Accounting | |starting date : ##hidden##
2021-03-21 14:10:00.970879|INFO |Accounting | |ending date : ##hidden##
2021-03-21 14:10:00.970890|INFO |Accounting | |max virtualservers: ##hidden##
2021-03-21 14:10:00.970899|INFO |Accounting | |max slots : ##hidden##
2021-03-21 14:10:02.808623|INFO | | |Puzzle precompute time: 1788
2021-03-21 14:10:02.809004|INFO |FileManager | |listening on
2021-03-21 14:10:02.812217|INFO |Query | |Using a query thread pool size of 2
2021-03-21 14:10:02.882092|INFO |Query | |listening for query on
2021-03-21 14:10:02.883516|INFO |Query | |listening for ssh query on, [::]:10022
2021-03-21 14:10:02.883746|INFO |Query | |listening for http query on, [::]:10080
2021-03-21 14:10:02.883817|INFO |CIDRManager | |updated query_ip_allowlist ips:,

I wish to know if anyone faced the same issue before, and if its possible to recreate the database file

I already restarted the server, and the database seems to be working OK, but i cant make a backup of it if i need to update the server to a newer version/new VPS if needed

Thanks for your atention

You explained it yourself already or you should’ve.
You are using MariaDB for the database and not Sqlite. So the database is in the MariaDB server and not in a Sqlite file.

You must make a backup of that database in MariaDB then if you like to have a backup.


thanks for the fast reply, i misunderstood then