TS5 Beta Registration did not work?

I registrated a long time ago for the original beta. After that I received a beta key per email but I didn’t redeemed it because I lost it. Now I wanted to register again on the beta.teamspeak.com site but there stands:

You’re on the waiting list!

Please check your badge list from to time to time to see if you have the ‘Test’ badge or come back to this page to check if you’ve been granted access.

And now I don’t know if I’m in waiting position or if I have to register a second time but this doesn’t work as told.

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You are currently in the waiting list and you are waiting for the access. You can have a look at this Thread: Closed beta access

It answers some questions and keeps you updated on the progress of the waiting list.

Yeah I know this page. But as I said above, I can’t register for this new phase. And I didn’t registrate. This is the problem…

But it looks like you are on the waiting list? Are you sure you did not register recently?

Yeah it looks like. And I’m 100% sure that I didn’t register.

If you see that message it did register you to the list. Else you wouldn’t see that message.


Okay. If it is so then I did it and didn’t noticed it. But thank you and I hope I will be invited soon!