Ts5 Bug report

Good afternoon dear Teamspeak team,

in the last updates other people and I encountered some errors.

First, it is very annoying that at times when Teamspeak is well attended, the chat is very delayed and sometimes messages are not sent correctly.

The second problem is that the username and profile picture cannot be changed.
If you try to change the username you only get an error message “Invalid Username provided”.


The last problem I am aware of is the navigation in the settings.
If you reduce the size of the client, the Chat Element can’t be opened anymore.

In addition, the Windows notifications sometimes do not work properly for me. Often there are a lot more new messages counted there, than I received.


I hope you can do something with the information and have fun to fix it.

Best Regards,

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Thank you for the feedback.

  1. The system to rename yourself is temporarily disabled. The only strange thing here is the error message. The client does not know yet when system for is not active.

  2. The messages are delayed when it takes to long from you to the server and back to you. Maybe we can improve this delay a bit, but can not promise anything.

  3. / 4. Will check this tomorrow when back in the office.


Hey Chris, thanks for your fast answer and for researching the bug with Windows!

  1. We can reproduce this and also found that the menu point is not even shown in minimal view when client is much smaller.

  2. Testing is still in progress.


when you fix the UI-Bug in the Options? (TicketID #28501)


Hello it seems to me that this problem has already been reported

Even the badge page


yes i reported at October 21, 2020

As you can see in the video, only the first three options work in the menu the rest and the popdown don’t.
Client versions: 5.0.0 beta 30

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Uhh, didn’t see it to be honest.
Thank you @SYOX

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I answer to this Thread again, because I think it’s not necessary to open every time a new thread.

Today I tried to take some small talk in the Beta Groups, but I can’t write anything.
I restarted my Client several Times but does nothing.

The Bug with the Open Chats gets bigger and bigger at my Client. With that I mean, that the Loading time gets longer…

I don’t like to say so much negative things, so I can tell you that the Developers nevertheless make a great job.

The Updates are small, but in the Background TeamSpeak guarantees for Quality and Security. :heart_eyes:

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