TS5 chat notification in compact mode not working

When TS5 is in compact mode, then counter with unread messages count is not working.
Video: https://streamable.com/2y7zi

You can use the icon 2nd to the right, which will open the chat of the current channel.

This is workaround, not solution

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Not claiming it is, I was simply attempting to point out a way you can use in the meantime, instead of having to resize the window or manually switching to the chat in slim mode.

To avoid this type of misunderstanding, I’d suggest to first confirm the issue and then explicitly offer the workaround until the issue has been resolved.

Otherwise the response could be interpreted as if the user was “too stupid to find the right button”.

This requires a little more effort when replying but it makes a huge difference perception wise. Believe me. Customers appreciate a bit of sugar on top.

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