TS5 Connection is unstable

Since some weeks my teamspeak 3 uses 40/47 Mbit of my internet every minute (I got that information from my task-manager). I looked at the logs and found no usefull information. I tried the same on other server and found that I got the same problem, but instead less bandwidth. Then I switched to teamspeak 5 and got an unstable connection but no information in my task-manager. After some tests, my ping is high and unstable for about 15 seconds then stable for about 30 seconds. Its repeating the whole time. As I played CS:GO I got no problems with my connection on teamspeak 5 but on teamspeak 3 a high ping for about 2 seconds. As I looked in the logs of TS5 every minute, it posts a warning.

The TS5-Log: https://upload.theartofwar.eu/91d057266512692fd567e4e56d0b3b2f.log

thanks for any help