TS5 discussion continues(Continues from the old Forum)

This thread is the extension fro this thread from the soon to be artchived Forum:

Let me say something about the so called new feedback system…i see none…that´s it. It is the same like in the old Forum. I also see none transparency about the reported bugs and the already fixed bugs.

Writing a Email to Support well you could do that before the launch of the new forum so this isnt anything new.

I see a lot of work here that needs to be done:

  • Make a feedback system that is seperated from the Forum
  • Make it transparent so people can see what is already reported
  • Make it transaprent what is already fixed.
  • Make Pizza without Pineapple! Very important!

Bottom line you can you need to do a lot better! Ladies and Gentlemen


You’re conflating feedback and bugs first of all. How it works is:

  • The forum is for feedback, suggestions, discussion, community, ideas and the like
  • [email protected] is for bugs

The forum itself is how you all can provide feedback. There’s no new feedback system, it’s an open discussion pertaining to feedback.

That’s a different question entirely. I’ve said in other places I don’t want to have bugs cluttering up the forum. We have a way of tallying and reporting on the bugs that have been submitted to our support system already, so you don’t need to worry about that. At the moment if you have a bug, report it to [email protected].

No one said that was new. Support exists for bugs and the forum exists for everything else. The two are separate.

These two have already been thought about. If anything changes with what and how information is displayed I’ll let you all know.


Adam where is the development schedule and a way to give feedback to?


They said a few days… Don’t be so impulsive, stay calm :peace_symbol:

No. The public roadmap showing everything we’re working on and the forum with corresponding threads for each roadmap topic combine to make a system of feedback that wasn’t available before.

Using the word system doesn’t mean an app or program only. It also means a method. Reading the public roadmap and then clicking the link to the forum thread for that roadmap item and then discussing it there, is a system to offer feedback.

It’s imminent.

No, new roadmap and new forum go hand in hand, hence the word system again. The old forum looked old and dated, it didn’t have high activity, it missed a lot of features we have on the new forum and wasn’t linked to your myTeamSpeak account. The new forum addresses all of those issues and allows us to add more features in the near future that the old forum simply couldn’t cater to.

So that’s why we have a new one. Pretty sure the look and layout of this new forum has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of feedback as well, something the old one was never praised for.