TS5 Doesn't remember the last state

Everytime I set the windows in TS5 to a certain size, then close it out, Open it back up it’s doesn’t remember the position of where is was, I have to re adjust it everytime. Will this be fixed


Without any details (OS, Monitor(s), Windows Snap or not, pictures or video or anything related) given from you, I will tell you beta72 just works fine on all operation systems.


If you mean the window position is not the same as when you close the app down, you can go to:


and take a note of placement.json normal_bounds numbers then move the window, close TS and see if new numbers are written on that file.

If you mean the app size is different, it may be because you use higher scaling on your monitor, if that’s the case a temp fix is to set scaling back to 100% and wait for an update that will address this issue.