[Ts5] Enormes Chat Problems starting again


thanks for fixing my clock bock but now i have other problems.

In many chats, for example, no media can be loaded.



I also see the encryption message piled up now, more than usual.

I didn’t use Elements that day, so I assume that it didn’t intercept any events. It’s nice when a new encryption token has been generated but how should the handshake work when my friend is offline…

Look at the second image i send it with ts after a restarted it showed this up…

I think it’s known but i think not in this form.

You can connect the thread to the current one.

Best Regards

The image is older than a month and thus no longer on the server.

You can’t expect support for encryption problems when using Element in general after being told by staff multiple times that this can ■■■■ your account / chats and even your chat partners chats… How can one be so ignorant?!