TS5 Functions our community is missing

First of all: Great work. TS5 ist really nice. I hope its ok to translate the wishes of our community.

I hope it helps and will keep track of this thread :slight_smile:

  1. Even if resized, not all TS-Symbols are shown. It would be nice to show all symbols, maybe as option show 10/all
  2. Please provide the option to see the flag of the county.
  3. Notifys can’t be clicked to lead to the message
  4. No BB_Code (URL) provided (yet?)
  5. When switching through the tasks, the preview of TS5 show a second modal windows on the lower right
  6. When using the simple-chat view: The timecode should be printed on top of every new message. if you are texting with an other person and the same person sends a second line hours later, you can’t see, that this followed much later.
  7. The Servertab should be viewable as separate Tab (extra Symbol on top-right). It is impossible to keep an eye on certain using, when you are waiting for them.
  8. All Tabs should save their last scrolling-positions - for every server, every tab - any time :slight_smile:
  9. It would be a great option, to see more than one TS-Channellist
  10. Arrow up for last message in chat was great on TS3 - please integrate this again
  11. Will the plugins of TS3 be compatible?
  12. F2 to change your own user-name is missing
  13. i miss the msg when a user has left the server. answered a ghost and waited, wondered
  14. disable gifs and animations as option as in ts3 would be great
  15. where do i find the server settings?
  16. where is the permission tab?
  17. In Chat Paste + Send as Option (right Mousebutton)
  18. Favorites options are missing
  19. Muting mic and boxes per server as used would be wonderful
  20. Remember the setting of new/old channellist per server
  21. Client Settings are missing
  22. Right click on User – goto User Channel has dispeared
  23. Time in chat with 24h display, please
  24. The Menu self to change the profiles of mic, boxes and further
  25. Up to 4 GB of RAM-comsumption is not 2020. Differences of 2 GB in about 1-2 Seconds repeating multiple times every minute
  26. Save message, if chat-partner went off

The main feedback is really great.

GOOD WORK from a few BETA-KEY-OWNERS. Please keep up this great work and find a release date this year :slight_smile:


Great! But I can’t send PrintScreen images to chat. :frowning:

works for me. screenshot (as picture via greenshot - copy to clipboard) – paste – no problem - works?!

No. I press ‘prt scr’ button then i paste into ts5 chat and I not able to send it. I don’t know why :confused:

Enter “dev” in the search bar and click on developer options, there you find both these options.

You click on the server name above the tree (if connected to the server) and then on the little pencil icon on the right (you need permissions to edit though, otherwise icon is not visible).

The following shortcuts apply to the global sound menu at the top:
Shift + LMB: mute everywhere, except the current selected server (also unmute on the selected server if muted) (my idea :eyes: :slight_smile: )
Alt + LMB: mute only on selected server

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I will try that! :slight_smile: The symbols (mic+sound) should react per server, not global :wink:
Is there any bugtracker / todo for TS5? Wanted to search for doubles, but coudn’t find. I am developer.

@rL_BLASS Does your partner have TS5 too? Some functions only work, when both sides are using TS5.

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Both are working NICE !

Do you have feedback for the other points too? :slight_smile: Would be very nice to know, what will be included.
Or is there any bugtracker / devoloper-forum for TS5?

Not sure if this is a bug or a removed feature but, this was in TS3 but currently when are connected to two servers and you mute sounds on one then click on another it would mute both of them vice-versa when you unmute.

This is still fully possible just a little different.
The buttons affect all server you are connected to.
Shift + Button -> affects all servers but the current one
Alt + Button -> affects only the current one
You are also able to set this in the right click menu of all connections.

In Dev-Settings you can change the GIF, but if the Serverpicture is a GIF, it is played all time :wink:
The ServerLog should really changed so that it can be viewed all time on a 2nd monitor.
The actual integrations forces me to click on the little icon for the server-log all time - whenever something else is clicked, the ServerLog is closed again.
Thanks for the great work to the TS5 - Team !!
Is the release planed for this or next year :wink:
Stay healthy!

Is there any chance to receive 10 BETA-Test Keys for our community. They are asking all time.
Is there a way?
Thanks in advance. I would love to test TS5 with more users of our community.

There is no Way , too late… all user who subscribed to beta is get his keys.
Only chance is the social media, in the pics what is posted there is a hidden code.

Well, you can ask @Adam on twitter @teamspeak if he can give you some, but remember that even he can’t give too much keys

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These two are the ones I miss the most on the new TS5.

Relative to 24), not only the “self” menu but also having different audio profiles attached to different identities or bookmarks, similar to what we already have on TS3, would be really nice.
Selecting the inputs and outputs automatically for different identities or bookmarks is really useful when you have more than one input or output and want to have different profiles for each one, to stream something from other input or to use a different output, so you don’t have to change them manually every time.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you thinking of an implementation of Overwolf? It would be nice, if TS5 self would have this function.