TS5 Homebase Community Test | Exclusive Badge

I joined the server but did not find this channel. Did I do something wrong?

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Yes, you were roughly a week early! :wink:

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Oops, my bad! I hadn’t read it right. :sweat_smile:

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How long do you think the whole stresstest (excluding the discussion afterwards) is going to take?
I only have time for about 30 minutes after the appointed time, do you think that’s enough or should I sit this one out?

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It should be fairly quick to be fair. Might allow 5 minutes for people to show up, shouldn’t realistically take that long to add each other as contacts, send a text message, an image and post a GIF for history to exist.

The longest part is probably the “did anything go wrong” when we switch homebase. Then the form for feedback/claiming your badge, shouldn’t take long at all either.

Everything going to plan, 20-30 mins tops.


So I have the testing badge enabled and after joining the beta testing server, the instructions state to right click the beta server and select “make homebase” but I’m not seeing this as an option. Apologies, but am I missing something? Does this only occur during the day of the test?

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Yes, you should just prepare some test chats with friends to recreate a real move scenario on the test day.

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I created an account and started doing the necessary things, but I guess I’m a little late :confused:

“The Homebase release is around the corner, so we would like to invite you all to join us for a stress test on Tomorrow 10:00 AM .”


Closed the topic. See you laters :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, so I’m afraid we’ve been hit with some Gremlims and we won’t be able to carry out the test today :frowning:

We’re sorry that we couldn’t complete this today. We will 100% set up a new date and time so we can give this another try once we’ve taken a look at what happened tonight. Hopefully this will be a week from today, but I’ll confirm this with the team first before we reach out to everyone again with specifics.

On the bright side, we still have managed to capture some information from this experience which we will test out and resolve.

Maybe we’ll give out a new badge tomorrow …


Good news! We have a new stress test coming up. Check out: TS5 Homebase Stress Test (Version 2.0) | Exclusive Badge for participants!

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