TS5 List All Clients

Is there an option to list all clients with TS5? I do not see if so.

Also how can I get a friend on to help test TS5?. Its great but at the moment I am just playing about on my own with it haha. Two of us can discover more and test more. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to be listed anywhere this is why i use TS.
So no there is no list of user and there will never .
About your friend the only way for him to get beta access is to register on the beta portal and wait the access.

I dont want to see you lol…I wantto see all clients that have been on my TS5 server like you can in TS3.

And regarding a friend…So we cannot even test out chatting with someone. ??

there is not (yet). You need to use TS3 to acces the Client Database

Your friends can register in the Beta

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Just for the record…When i went back to TS3 to do the things you say…I had lost all my Admin rights. I had to have both open and grant myself them again from TS5 whilst showing as another Smiley1

i don’t have this problems but this has to do with some synchonisation errors i guess

unlucky :pensive:

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next time have a Privilege key ready to use

All sorted now and an easy fix. Thanks for the reply. I have to say that TS5 is very quiet…‘connected’ ‘channel switched’ Turning the volume right up does nothing!

‘next time have a Privilege key ready to use’ Why? The server is installed on Linux and all information is held there for me…Using another TS3 install anywhere else has never done that and no key needed. If you had to do that every time you switched PC would be a nightmare. You should be able to join your own server from ANYWHERE. Anyway being in there twice and granting was good enough :slight_smile: Thx Man

but the Privilege key is faster to use :upside_down_face:

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i apologize for my bad english, can’t figure out where can i find the TS5 beta? I would love to try it

If you haven’t signed up yet, go to beta.teamspeak.com and sign in with your myTS account. When your time comes, the Testing Badge will be automatically assigned to your account, but you won’t be notified, so you’ll need to check your badges or beta access on beta.teamspeak.com from time to time.

Also, I highly recommend taking a look at this thread which explains a lot of things about the Closed Beta.