TS5 progress

Hi TeamSpeak Community,

I’ve been wondering, what’s the current progress on the VoIP software? I’m asking, because as I’m tracking games, some major MMOs are going to come out, the closest one probably being Amazon’s New World in about 80 days, and it’d be a shame to see people shout “we’re a Discord-using guild (…)” when recruiting in that or any other soon-to-be-released titles.

It’s important that TeamSpeak becomes as polished as possible, however I think it’s equally important for people to still recognise it as tech moves forward and brand new communities are created that were not basing on either TeamSpeak or Discord before.
You know, word-of-mouth Discord could spread faster on these games if TeamSpeak still uses their old version as the main card of the company.

Please do not mistake my intentions, I am a supporter of TeamSpeak and I’d like to see it grow and use the newest one with my old clan as well.


I’d like to know more on what aspects their working on, even with the Trello we have no idea which part they are and it feels like nothing or close to no progress is being made, it’s getting close to 2 months since the last patch, surely they can work from home during these times…

Most Importantly they really need the web client in order to better bring in users…


@Adam @TS.ChrisR any news on anything? You’ve gone awfully quiet since we were hinted at a permissions system “next week” at the end of April.

Promises were made to be more upfront and honest about things, but it seems its easy to fall back into old ways of doing things.