TS5: Server owner can't modify any permissions on lower servergroups [Free Teamspeak hosted server]

Hey TeamSpeak staff and com,

I tried to modify the “Serveradmin” & “Member” groups and had to find out, that I’m not
able to change any permissions on subordinated servergroups. I myself got the “Serverowner” group and normally should be able to make changes on servergroups below “Serverowner”. I tried to change many different permissions and couldn’t change any of them.

On the screenshot’s i made you can see an example for what i wanted to change.

So i got the option to see the permissionlist for the groups on my TeamSpeak hosted
server, but can’t modify any of it?!
Does anybody know how to fix this or is that what TeamSpeak wanted?
I’m slightly confused as you can tell :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your reply, yet !

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