[TS5] Some ideas that might be good moving forward

got some ideas for the TS5 BETA ,while some of them in my opinion are a must have, others would be “cool to have” and even would help other users to ditch their currently used COMS app and switch to TS,

the ones that IMO are a MUST have:
[1] Push To Talk Sound For Off And On.
[2] ability to link our social accounts and be able to flex them rare usernames.
[3] better API to attract dev’s and see what they can do with it and in return attract other users.
[4] direct or group voice call, without the need to join a server and enter a voice channel, i understand this might cost tons of money, but having a subscription such as (Subscriber or donator badge instead of having to pay for server licence), would IMO encourage more people to actually pay from their wallet for cool benefits and to support the devs/project as i don’t think everyone wants to own a server himself, rather then join one, or quickly hop on a call with their buddys.

[5] ability to add custom animated emotes (we need the memes to survive!).
[6] global [server] chat, not just channel based (can be accessed even if you are in a different voice channel).
[7]add emotes in channel names and in nicknames.
[8] 2FA., i dont want my OG name to get stolen :(.

As for the “cool to have” features, obviously:

[1] global emotes.
[2] animated avatars. (that dosent take ages to get uploaded and multiple tries)
[3] colored chat, channel names, or nicknames.
[4] Profile Description.
[5] admin commands, in servers, or a simplified system to set up.
[6] [group move] instead of having to move users one by one to another channel.
[7] report and complaint system that cant be abused to ban users, (by them joining with multiple id’s and reporting u with all of them and getting u banned).

if any of these have already been suggested then i just second them being added, also i do realize that these features might be available at rival com apps but they became essential and people use them everyday and it makes their experience way more better then what TS currently has to offer IMO, hope my honesty dosent hurt anyone’s feelings,i say this because i actually care about TS, being a long time user of it since the old days not coming on as a hater, :slight_smile: cheers.


Great ideas, especially the ability to call someone direct without connecting to server. and 2FA :ok_hand:


I think your [4] isn’t really needed atm because it’s not that much on effort to join a private channel and talk there with your buddies (my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: ), but overall most of them are cool features which TeamSpeak could add :smile:


thing is ,not everyone wants to join a server and comply with their rules which are strict in what you call “good servers”, some of us just want to hop on quickly in a private call and call it a day. i suggested the Sub/donation benefits because i know that it might cost them lots of money.



well the other ideas are nice aswell!


:heart: hopefully they add at least one of them.


Official answer regarding 2FA I got on 2020-01-06T13:23:00Z:

This is a already confirmed feature since it´s already in TeamSpeak 3. Like some other features they still need to be implemented into the new TeamSpeak. I hope this will come soon™ because I really need it. :slight_smile:

Most of your points have been requested for a while now so I think it´s time for them to also start implementing them. My personal favorites of your list are definitely 2FA and multi-selection moving!


This may be the most important idea to add. Currently i won’t sync my main Teamspeak ID with myteamspeak, it’s way to powerfull to get lost due to security breaches.


8 2fa with yubi key please and google authenticator