Ts5 streaming mode?

So my community members are nagging me about this new stream/viewing mode that came out of the other voice chat. They like that idea because they play eft and wanna view each other when they die… While interesting, I don’t think it is a big deal myself. I think steam has something like it.

Will ts5/new be adding this, or something like this?




I don’t think so, TS5 already have such of “streamer mode” like discord, hiding your email adress and other things until you hover it…

already have? where?

@hejzz1312, it seems you’ve got a bit confused. By streaming mode @Donaramu probably thought of sharing each other screen - that’s not supported.

If that’s what you meant, we discussed this on forum few times. Don’t know how it’ll end.

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@_ニャー_3 maybe, thanks for your reply.