TS5 window size doesn't save correctly (Windows Snap)


I’m using 2 different monitors, 1x 4k and 1x QHD, on Win10, left is the 4k and the right on is aligned on the bottom of the left screen.
I put ts5 on the 4k just on the edge to the 2k to see what’s going on on my server (TS3).
After I start TS5 it starts like the left of the image, moving it to the 4k screen to look like the middle every time. After minimizing and reopen it, it looks like the right part of the image.

TS3 didn’t save that correctly either.

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Do not think this is a bug. Looks like Windows Snap acts here.
Not sure if that is something we can work around.


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I can confirm the windows snap with the minimize, if I resize the window without any snap, it minimizes and goes back to the right position.
But closing it more to the left, outside of the right screen and starting again it looks like this:

My right screen is the main screen.

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I have the same problem, also with beta55.
Windows 7, two identical FHD monitors @60Hz
Primary is on left and secondary on the right. No tools etc.

But I think I know why it’s only for some users:

If I move the window, then close and re-open the client, it saves the position, but if I snap the window to the right half of the screen by dragging the window in the right corner of the screen, it won’t save the position.

Here’s the bug!

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If it is about Snap, then it is no bug.

We know that this is not working with Snap but this because we did not anything for that Windows feature yet (not sure if we ever will).


Ok, it would be good if it will work

Oh god. I dont think about the snap of Windows 10. After I not snap it, but customizes the window frame it worked again with minimize and re-open again. Position snaped - I think that was the what I never think about it :slight_smile:


So we found the workaround, nice!

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Yeah, but will not work after closing and launch again :frowning:
Setting the window-size and position after the launch of the app should fix it.

Currently have to use ts3 and there I don’t have this problem, position is exactly how I closed the window.

I realy hope this will get fixed. And I miss ts5 already -.-’

Someone on your team got around it, with the latest update it works as it should (imho).

No. It is still as before.

When the client got minimized or closed while it was snapped it will restore to the position it was before it was snapped.


Ok, I don’t snap it anymore, as you mentioned about that Windows does stupid things…
My problem was without snapping, too. That seems to be fixed, as it saves the position (middle one in the first post) and restores it, a bit wider as I set it, but it is saved.

the workaround works for me. thank you!

really? Since some updates ago it’s broken for me :confused: